January 01, 2005

the day after

So I ended up going to the party. I had a fun time, but stayed up way too late. I went with the wife of a coworker who refuses to go to parties. The had plenty of the promised sushi, which was of acceptable quality. Also had decent appetizers going around. There was a bit of a line for the food at first and for the bathrooms throughout the night. I only got one drink at one of the bars and didn't really check out the liquor, but I didn't see any decent beer. There was also a decent source of cafe drinks in front of the house (next to the hookah lounge).

There was a black lit room, with markers to write on people and mirrors, a cigar lounge, and a chocolate fountain. And the kitchen has a very nice Viking range - I want one. :)

The fire breather was entertaining, and there were a few cirque mimes and a guy on stilts mingling with the guests. And, of course, there were go-go dancers on pedestals, 4 at a time, rotated throughout the night. (The fire-breather has his own two girls who essentially were dancers with flaming devices in their hands.)

Met some coworkers, had a bit of a cigar (not a big cigar guy, but I'm willing to try a decent one occasionally). Oh and I danced, albeit badly - Brian's wife likes to dance and didn't seem to mind me not knowing what I'm doing.

The show before the new years moment was put on by guy named a Moebius 8 - kind of a laser/music/projection screen thing. It seemed cheesy to me, but to each his own.

During the day yesterday, I made the Rigatoni con Salsiccia again. It's a simple but tasty dish. Over christmas break I taught my mom to make it. It's nice to see her branching out to new dishes.

I think I'll do the Chile Verde today and have left-over rigatoni for lunch.

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