June 10, 2007

Sushi Night

The day before we went back to Michigan, Emily asked me to make sushi. The results were a little crude, but tasty.

I stopped by Sun Fat on the way home for some salmon, tuna, and oysters. I was hoping for hamachi, but they didn't have any. I picked up some nori, avacado, and sushi rice from the at 24th and Valencia. My bamboo mat was lost in one of my many moves, and I couldn't find them at the store, so I had to improvise with a piece of tin foil and plastic wrap. It worked surprisingly well.

Of the maki, we liked the california rolls the best - real crab legs make a big difference. (I had some in the freezer that I'd been meaning to use.) For the outside, I used furikake because I didn't know where to find tobiko.

The tuna and salmon rolls were a little overpacked, so the rolls didn't always close up. The fish wasn't placed right, so it didn't end up in the center. I don't usually order maki rolls. They were good, but I will probably try my hand at nigri next time.

I also sliced up some sashimi and opened some Fanny Bay oysters to accompany the rolls.