January 27, 2005

House for sale...

My realtor called today. The buyers of my house are in negotiations - it looks like the deal will go through. Only issue is that it's contigent on another house that closes on the 25th, which is contingent on a third house that closes on the 20th. (That's 4 houses involved, including mine, if you're keeping score.)

I think I've managed to get rid of the extra bed. Either the church of a guy at work will take it as a donation, or a coworker wants it. (The same church got my '95 saturn last year and gave it to a needy family.) Now I just have to figure out that table - that consignment place seems to suck. I may give up and donate that too, we'll see. I did manage to get rid of almost all my trash this morning, just have some bottles to recycle, and the misc garage stuff that I want to give away, if possible. Last night David, from work, picked up the futon frame, and offered to take a few other pieces later (ladder, futon mattress, shelving). It's good to see that stuff go to good use.

I have lunch and dinner with various coworkers today, and maybe lunch on saturday. It'll be nice to see them again, I didn't get a chance to properly say goodbye to some of them last week.

It does suck to not have all of my stuff here. Most of my cooking stuff is packed away. I manage a digiornos pizza yesterday, using a knife and paper plate to chop the garlic and get it in and out of the oven. I can't even buy wine for lack of a corkscrew.

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