January 25, 2005


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Friday the 21st was my last day of work. It was an interesting week, wrapping things up at work, dealing with apartment stuff, coordinating moving, and anticipating Emily's visit.

The weekend was a lot of fun. I got to cook for us twice. Made the rigatoni dish saturday and the indian dish on sunday.

On Friday, we went to Il Fornaio in Green Valley Ranch. It's a nice little Italian place. Afterward, I showed her my house, and we saw the Triplets of Bellville.

On Saturday, I made my rigatoni dish for lunch. We watched A Mighty Wind. For our big evening out, we had a nice steak dinner at "Joe's Prime Steak and stone crab" in caesars before going the Cirque du Soleil's "O" show. We both got a nice petit Filet Mignon. And we both got it medium rare - she knows how to eat beef, it was excellent steak. The show was also very impressive, although I'm not sure if I like "O" or Mystère better. I guess they're just different.

On Sunday, I tried to take her to Panevino, but they were closed so we went to a mexican place where I frequently had lunch with coworkers, SuperMex. Despite the name, they have an excellent Chile Verde. We picked up "Waiting for Guffman" on the way home and watched that. For dinner I made (with my lovely sous chef) Rogan Josh - an Indian stew. We made it with beef, although lamb is more traditional. We also watched most of the Dark Crystal, but had to stop to take her to the airport. It's hard to say goodbye...

On Monday the movers came and picked up all the stuff I want in San Francisco. Now I just have to get rid of the rest. I only took one of the beds, and I'm putting my dining table up on consignment. I'll also ditch the futon and a few ghetto (e.g. Kmart) pieces of furniture. For now the house is empty, and I have a bunch of trash that needs to go out.

I'll drive up to SF this Sunday and start work tuesday.

Movie reviews:

The Triplets of Bellville is a french animated film with some fun characters and almost no spoken dialog. It's put together really well, and you don't even notice that there is no dialog. It almost beat out Finding Nemo for best animated film, but I don't know if awards really mean anything.

A Mighty Wind is a mockumentary about folk singers done by the same guy that did best in show. Entertaining, but I preferred Waiting for Guffman. (Emily prefers A Mighty Wind.)

Waiting for Guffman is another mockumentary by Christopher Guest. This one is about a small town putting on a theatrical production for their sesquicentenial, with hopes of hitting broadway.

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