April 18, 2005

Another update

lj-mood: anxious

It's been a few weeks, I suppose I should update. (Does anyone actually read this thing?) We've got a signed deal on the house. It'll be a lot of work and expense getting it into shape. Hopefully we can start soon.

I miss Emily, she's been so busy that we haven't really gotten a chance to talk much. It sucks for both of us that her schedule is that crowded, but I guess that's the way school goes - I don't know if I could do school again. Fortunately, I get to see her and the show she's been working on this weekend. (And I think things will let up a little bit for her, schedule-wise.)

Finally made Lamb Vindaloo last weekend, after owning the domain name for years. :) It turned out fairly well, but was too sweet. (I switched recipes in the middle of it, I think I may keep the tamarind, but use a lot less next time.) The original recipe called for marinating the meat, the one I ended up with just used it as-is (and browned it). So I skipped the browning, and used the marinade in place of similar ingredients. It was good, but the sweetness kinda reminded me of Koresht Fesenjan. I'll have leftovers later this week. I like the idea of making up more vindaloo and freezing it, to be used as the mood strikes me. Also, while frying the onions, I was reminded that I wanted to try my hand at french onion soup sometime.