June 19, 2005

House Update

It's been quite a while since the last update, I've been rather busy lately.

The house is coming along well, the tenants will be out by 7/4, at which time I'll need to squeeze in the critical updates and repairs before moving in. I hope to move within a month. Outstanding issues:

  • Refinish wood floors.
  • Add wood floors to the kitchen
  • Redo electrical, fix up plumbing, convert at least one bathroom to a full bath.
  • Replace/repair a bunch of windows.
  • Redo the kitchen cabinets/appliances

And that's for my unit. Downstairs will be moving some walls around, putting new wood floors in (they have no floors at the moment), upgrading electrical, adding central heating, and updating plumbing. (Gotta get stuff done while the floor is open.)

For the whole house we're finishing the foundation now, we'll have to replace a section of broken, clay sewer pipe and fix up part of the back wall.