February 15, 2005


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I keep thinking I've updated my journal, but it appears to have been two weeks. Today is my birthday. I'm now 32 years old. It seems like just yesterday that seemed like a really old age. I celebrated my birthday last sunday with Emily, Dan, and Carmen. We had lunch at the Slanted Door, a vietnamese place that serves small-plate dishes, and then went back to Dan's place for some cake and presents. (Dan and Carmen surprised me with a nice cake from Citizen Cake.) We had a good time, but we had to cut it a little short to get Emily back to the airport.

Last weekend Emily visited, it was her first time in SF. The weather was decent. I showed her my neighborhood, noe valley, and the inner sunset. And we went to Twin Peaks and Golden Gate Park. We had dinner at Zuni and filled the rest of the time talking and watching movies. On sunday, as I mentioned, we celebrated my birthday at the Slanted Door, saw the new ferry building, and hung out at Dan's place.

During the previous week, I finished unpacking. I still have to organize the kitchen and pick up some furniture for the kitchen, but it's basically done. I'm not cooking yet, for lack of counter space, but I'll start again soon.

And the weekend before that I visited Emily in Phoenix. We had a great time, it went much better than the first visit to Phoenix. (No cars broken into or anything.) We had dinner at a fondue place on saturday, hung out in the Tempe area, saw some movies, and I joined her when she was practicing the piano.

On the downside, I found out today that CA will take up to 60 days to give me a driver's license and will take my old one from me. So I'd have no photo id for two months. It's difficult to survive without one, so I will do an expedited renewal of my passport before taking care of the car stuff.

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