February 02, 2005

Almost there

lj-music: birds and street sounds

I'm mostly moved in now. It's been interesting. My stuff arrives any time now, hopefully it's in good shape. After that I will need a couple pieces of furniture, and I'll have to figure out how to fit everything in here. This is my big chance to simplify my life. :)

I don't know how I feel about this. Still getting used to feeling like this is my place, I still have an unrooted feeling. I also don't know about parking. It seems ok for now, but I'm not as used to parallel parking as I was. If necessary, I'll get a garage. The place feels small, and a little run down. I'm going to need to make some counter space in the kitchen, maybe the table will suffice; otherwise, I'll get some kind of side tables. I've eyed a few in the past, but avoided them because I had too much space in the last place.

I've started the DSL process, we'll see how long it takes. I'm guessing 10-15 business days - with the phone company being the longest part. In the meanwhile, I have a dialup connection and work.

Work has begun. I've spent some time setting up my machines the last couple of days and got the software that I'll be working on installed yesterday. I've got to learn a lot of new systems (Zope, Z4I, etc), which may take some spare time. Along with moving details (unpacking, decorating) and Emily, I'll be a busy guy. But that'll help pass the time between weekends. (For me at least.)

My weekends are pretty much booked up, so I'll get stuff done during the week. My life is fairly exciting at the moment, and it's good for me to shake things up a bit.

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