March 06, 2007

Catch up

It's been almost a month since my last post. I'm still cooking, but I've been too busy with life and work to post.

Since then I've made a Spanish version of Chicken Paprika (I added red bell pepper and chorizo), which wasn't bad, but reminded me a lot of the Murgh Korma.

I used a Bobby Flay recipe for a skirt steak roulade with fontina, prosciutto, and basil. It was good, but it ended up a little rare in the middle. I reprized this with a beef tenderloin and italian fontina. It turned out really well, and the cheese itself was also quite good - it was melty at room temperature and had a strong flavor that reminded me of blue cheese - definitely a good match for beef, I'll have to try it on a burger someday.

In the variations on a theme department, I made a shrimp version of my Larb Gai recipe twice while Emily was away - because I was too lazy to pick up chicken, and we made Moules Marinière with clams once because Sun Fat was out of mussels (due to weather).

More recently, I made a shrimp chowder from a recipe in the most recent issue of Saveur - it was quite easy and tasty.

Finally, while Emily was working last night I made a modified version of a Gordon Ramsey recipe. I boned out a chicken thigh and leg (bask in my mad knife skillz) and rolled it around a mixture of italian sausage, basil, and currants (he called for parsley, egg, and pistachios). Then I wrapped it in leftover prosciutto (in place of bacon), wrapped it in tin foil, and poached it for 25 min. I refrigerated it to let it set, fried in a pan, and put into a 170 degree oven to rest. I made a pan sauce with dry vermouth (in place of marsala), sherry vinegar, and homemade chicken stock and made a parmesan risotto to go with it.

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Anonymous said...

You guys sure eat well. We're looking forward to coming out to see you! M&D