February 11, 2007


I finally got around to making cream puffs last night. I used Thomas Keller's recipe for the Pâtes à Choux. The dough came together rather easily, although it was a novel process for me. The tough part was piping the dough onto a baking pan, I ended up with more dough on my hands than on the pan. I'll have to dig up some instructions for using a piping bag.

I wanted a custard filling (Keller used ice cream), so I made up a batch of pot de crème, put one of them into a piping bag, and injected it into the cream puffs. I topped them with chocolate ganache.

I also made my largest batch of chicken stock this weekend, I wanted to use up all of the leftover chicken in the fridge, and ended up with at least 6 qt of stock.


Anonymous said...

The creme puffs sound good. Can you believe I made homemade chicken noodle soup this week?? I used an Amish-grown chicken that I got at Horrocks. The soup turned out great! I took some over to Dru and to an older couple from church who are ill. BSD

Rich said...

I heartily recommend a good fabric-enforced piping bag, since "piping bag blowout" is a hazard of working with hot stuff in piping bags (I've had some very ugly chocolate incidents, and one bad choux blowout recently)