January 07, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend I finished putting together the wardrobes for the bedroom, Emily finished painting the windows. We need to clean, but we're pretty much ready to move back into the bedroom. It turned out that our low voltage outlet (and one electrical outlet) ended up in the middle of my side of the wardrobe - so my wardrobe has internet! (yay)

Saturday evening, I made Murgh Korma. It turned out well, I cranked up the ginger a bit, but the rice didn't turn out so well.

For lunch on Sunday, I made a couple of pizza margheritas, which worked well (7 minutes @ 525 degrees). And, for dinner, I made the "pot au feu" from the French Laundry cookbook. I started it Saturday morning, cooked it Sunday morning, and finished Sunday evening. Details and photos to follow in a separate post.

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