May 06, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday  I made Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo.  I made some enchiladas with Chicken and a roasted tomato/jalapeño sauce from Rick Bayless' book.  I served it with a mexican red rice, canned black beans (cheater!), and some guacamole and pico de gallo that I threw together. (Guacamole really does need to be made fresh.)

These past two weekends, I've gotten into the habit of making my own chicken broth. Last weekend, I made some with the extra parts from my coq au vin chicken, to use for the tomato/jalapeño salsa, and yesterday I made some while I was cooking the chicken - I used it for the rice and will use the leftovers for thai food tonight.  Cooking is even more enjoyable now that I have a reasonable kitchen, and it's been nice to have a bunch of people to cook for, although cooking for other people does tend to limit my experimentation a bit.

I also ordered laundry machines today, they should arrive thursday.  It'll be nice to be able to do laundry in my own place again.  Dayla is installing tile in that room (it looks great, it's done except for grout), and Doc is fixing the windows, which were falling apart.

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